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We’re committed to giving everyone a chance to have a safe and clean personal airspace at home, office and everywhere in between.

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Modern living can be a challenge. Pollutants, chemicals and toxins fill the spaces we live and work in. And with COVID-19 pandemic things are only getting worse. Obviously new threats will be occurring. You need to be able to protect yourselves. Smart personal GEPO air purifier gives you this chance.

Who we are

The Company

When we came up with the idea to create a portable air purifier-decontaminator, we clearly understood what a difficult task we would face, from the choice of technology to impeccable performance in the real world.

Our goal was to create the most portable and efficient device on market, providing healthy air for average consumers across the globe. Over several months, we selected and tested each technology with the possibility of using it for our own purposes to protect our personal airspace.

During the testing period, we realized that most technologies simply do not allow us to create an effective device in a small package. After all, if it is a small device, you can always take it with you, put it on your desktop and be confident in your safety. Cool, right? So, we created the air purification device of our dreams.

Who we are

About the team

Our team consists of scientists, healthcare specialists and business people who are each considered industry experts in their fields.

Our resident epidemiologist understands all air purification technologies and knows the airborne droplet mechanisms of aerosol pathogens that cause diseases in humans, the same technology we use inside Capsula.

Our healthcare organizer knows how to properly establish medical care and also understands all varities of medical equipment across the field.

Finally, our CEO has been running a large company for more than 10 years, and is an expert at dealing with the complex logistics involved in equipping hospitals with high-tech equipment.

Beyond our core team, Capsula enlists the help of the best designers and engineers the industry has ever seen.

Story 2

Pandemic Innovation

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink how we clean air. As a result, we realized that personal airspace needs to be cleaned. We are confident that in the not too distant future, personal air purifiers will become as common as a cell phone. You may be sure that our device will cope with future dangers as effectively as it deals with COVID-19 viruses.

Search and selection of air purification technology
Industrial design prototype
Prototype construction
Prototype testing
Start of a production tooling
Assembling the first batch
Finished product testing
Website and mobile application development
Launch on Kickstater
Worldwide shipping

Next steps

The Future

We plan to create a product line of smart personal air purifiers. Capsula of size L and S are in development. L size inherits all the best from M size with multimedia features added.

S size is our smallest device that doesn't need external power supplies. You can take it with you on a plane, restaurant, train...

What's more, the optional AIR BOX will be available from 2023. This is a small device that analyzes air quality and microclimate parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure).

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